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We cannot replace Bet Frequency by our methods

This is the link of World Lottery Association : .  Through this website, you can find many interesting information.


We know our method needs a lot of time.  Fortunately we have a pretty lady specialized in computer programming.  She work out the predicting programme on her own, while the rest of us provide the technical know-how.   But even with the help from computer, we have to admit : our methods cannot replace the Bet Frequency list owned by the 4D bankers.  We have no intention to replace 4D bankers Bet Frequency by our methods, we can only tackle 4D bankers’ decisions psychologically.


The purpose of these publication on the internet is to interfere and hence to fix the 4D outcomes.  We hope each 4D bankers whose businesses are opened to the entire society can allow their prize structure to be more transparent.  We hope we can persuade Singaporepools’ 4D bankers to accept our suggestion.  


We oppose playing 4D by the method of permutation or “bao”.  This is because we pay special attention to the fist digit of all 4D-digits.  If you can have some special insight to feel the outcome of first digit, then the permutation method is only applied to the rest of the 3 digits.  You don’t have to pay RM 24 to by all the permutations of 3481, for example.  By have the graph of Manipulating Trend, and our interfering updates, you can be quite certain with the outcome of the first digit.  If you are certain with the digit 4, then the permutations left are 4381, 4831, 4813, 4183, 4138, and 4318.  For the case of 5622, the permutations are even smaller if your choice for the first digit is 5 or 6.


No matter what method we used, none of them can be as promising as the Bet Frequency.  We did web survey of 4D bet information for many years, but the result is still very poor, that is why we decide to interfere the 4D using our updates.  We are interesting in the partial betting data from the black market, because we guess either TOTO 4D or Magnum is running the black market.  Yet we are not close to the 4D black market dealers owing to our professional reputation.  Well, at least our computer programme together with our interfering updates are working fine.  The whole situation will start to change if Singaporepools can release more information about the 4D prize structure as they did for the lottery called TOTO 6/45.  If we can have every 4D prize structure information of Singapore 4D, we can improve our computer programme to be more efficient in dealing with the prediction of FIRST DIGIT and the Summation.  To us, our missing link is the prize structure information, but to everyone out there, the missing link is the Bet Frequency list.  


The accumulative effect of our methods can act as an asymptote line towards the Bet Frequency list if we can have the prize structure data of every 4D drawing outcomes.