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To interfere and to fix the 4D outcomes


The essence of gambling is cheating.  By cheating itself alone, the business size cannot extend worldwide.  This is not the case for 6/49 lottery.  Lottery has evolved from cheating to a combined form of manipulation and psychology.  The mathematical structure behind the psychological manipulation is Game Theory.  


We have no intention to go against any gambling games concentrated in casinos.  But for those gambling games opened to the entire public to join, we hope their prize structure can be more transparent.  A more transparent prize structure will have their profit be more restrained.  Lottery served as a good example here.  After lottery has finally made its prize structure to be more transparent in the 1990’s, lottery becomes one of the most important gambling games in the developed world. 


Singapore 4D, Magnum and TOTO 4D won’t provide any information about their prize structures, we have no direct way to learn their bet frequencies.  In order to acquire their bet frequencies in a proper, legal way, we decide to interfere them through the website “Singapore 4D, Magnum, TOTO 4D” with the address .  Our psychological interference will force these bankers to react.  These 4D bankers don’t like their outcomes to be simply predicted by nobody, therefore they have to avoid.  This avoidance itself forms a trend for us to calculate their bet frequencies indirectly.  We know we cannot calculate the bet frequencies accurately, but we can strike one of the 3 grand prizes in 4 consecutive draws.  In other words, we are fixing the 4D outcomes through our interference and hence punching the central nervous system of these 4D bankers.  As they remain stubborn not to publish their prize structure, we decide to unveil our methods through this website.


4D can only have its psychological manipulation based upon bet frequency.  We will unveil our methods under the topics : Bet Frequency, Manipulating Trend, Summation, Random Number, Check Number Facility, Avoidance, Black Market, Missing Link.


All the information here is FREE for distribution, but we will not responsible for whatsoever profit or loss incurred upon using this information.

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