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Another important guideline for predicting the 4D First prize is the Summation.  The sum of each 4D-digit must fall within the range 0 to 36.  Example the 4D-digit 5886 will have its summation equal to 5+8+8+6 and this is 27.  Even though this is very easy for you to understand, but have you ever re-arranged all the 4D-digits according to their summation before ?


This is the link for you to see all the 4D-digits ranging from 0000 to 9999, rearranged according to the summation :


These are the links for the information of the summation of the First prize :


Singapore 4D :

Magnum :



Through these links, you can see that the 4D bankers aren’t simply choose their outcomes.  After deciding the First Digit of the First prize, the 4D bankers will choose the rest of the 3 digits according to the summation that has the most tickets sold.  The Bet Frequency ensures that the prize paid for the drawing outcome is small, the Manipulating Trend lure the 4D players to feel something about their bets, and the summation that has the most tickets sold will make a large number of 4D players feel very sorry for the choice of their bets.  Here we use the Bet Frequency sample as an example.


You just look at the Bet Frequency sample we have provided.  Do some calculation, you will see the summation that has the most tickets sold is 18 and the number of tickets sold are under summation 18 is 342015.  If the First Digit chosen happened to be 9xxx, then the choice for the First prize MUST come from the followings :


  • 9009    9090    9900                           
  • 9018    9081    9108    9180    9801    9810
  • 9027    9072    9207    9270    9702    9720
  • 9036    9063    9306    9360    9603    9630
  • 9045    9054    9405    9450    9504    9540
  • 9117    9171    9711                           
  • 9126    9162    9216    9261    9612    9621
  • 9135    9153    9315    9351    9513    9531
  • 9144    9414    9441                           
  • 9225    9252    9522                           
  • 9234    9243    9324    9342    9423    9432
  • 9333                                                   


You can see how the digits simply change their positions !!  If your bets come only close to this summation, i.e. if your bets’ summations are 17, 18, 19, etc., then you may strike 3 digits correctly !!  If the 4D bankers don’t give a damn to 4D-digit’s summation, can you all have your bets come close to any of the 23 drawing outcomes ??


All our updates have their summation focus within certain range.  From the summation links we provided above, you can check with our updates and see what range of summation we are targeting for every draw.  The 4D bankers need to avoid us not simply because we can predict their FIRST Digit for the First prize, but their summation as well.


After you can understand the content of Manipulating Trend and Summation, what comes next is the refinements.  We will focus the refinements under the topics : Check Number Facility, Avoidance, Black Market.