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Ted Turner once said that “you either lead, follow, or get out of the way”.  Our updates focus in two major areas :

1.  FIRST Digit,

2.  Summation of 4D-digit.

4D bankers are watching our lists when they manipulating their outcomes.  They cannot let our updates humiliate their wisdom.  Therefore 4D bankers have to avoid us.  But they can only avoid us in two areas only, namely FIRST Digit and Summation of 4D-Digit !!  You may want to know why.


Each 4D-digit must fall into one of these 10 categories : 0xxx, 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx.  Our updates only focus upon 5 of them leaving the other five as escape routes for the 4D bankers.  If our updates contain 0xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 6xxx, the 4D bankers usually choose 1xxx or 5xxx for their First prize.  This is most significant in Singapore 4D. 4D bankers thought that by avoiding our updates,  our internet postings will become a waste of time !!


After avoiding the FIRST Digit, they choose from their Bet Frequency list the 4D-digit that falls within the primary pool.  We have define the primary pool under the topic : Bet Frequency.  Unfortunately, they cannot escape the Summation of 4D-Digit.  We have provide you all the links we prepared for First prize summation under the topic : Summation, so you just open the links there and continue your reading here.  4D bankers didn’t realized that every 4D-digit has another property i.e. its summation.  From the summation link we provided under the topic : Summation, you will find that every 4D-digit must fall within only one summation.  For example, you will find 2811 falls within the summation 12, so are 2181, 2118.  Because we have fixed the FIRST Digit, there are only three digits left for us to consider; and also because of the summation, the choices for us to think of aren’t just too many.  For the case of 3154, even we can fixed the FIRST Digit 3, but the three digits left can have too many combinations, namely 154, 145, 514, 541, 451, 415.  You can verify this using our Summation list.  Even though their sums are equal to 13, we can only differentiate them with the help from check number alone.  Therefore we may post some of them onto the internet for interference and hence decrease the number of bets we have to buy.  We know 4D bankers like to avoid our updates.  The more 4D bankers try to avoid from our updates, the more defects they produced. 


4D bankers cannot let one 4D-digit to be the First prize consecutively, so they will have to change their 4D-digit used.  We use check number facility provided by the 4D bankers to trace the outcome history.  Since we have been tracking Singapore 4D, Magnum and TOTO 4D for years, we have many experiences.  It was indeed a great joy for us when we first won the first prize using the computer programme we created, but we gradually realized that to enhance our predicting ability, we need to interfere the emotion of 4D bankers.  That is the only reason why we have to publish our updates through the internet.  Without the updates, we can only strike one of the 3 grand prizes twice a month; but with the updates since Jun/2005, our prediction improves.  Now we can simply strike one of the 3 grand prizes in every 4 consecutive draws.


We have two betting lists : one for the internet posting, the other one for our bets.  Our updates is used to interfere 4D bankers’ decision, irritating their pride, motivate the 4D bankers to react towards our trap.  We know 4D bankers cannot follow our list, but we won’t let 4D bankers much space to avoid us.  Through our writings under the topics : : Bet Frequency, Manipulating Trend, Summation, Random Number, Check Number Facility, we hope you can see why 4D bankers want to avoid us.


We feel we need to give all 4D bankers a hearty advice : “You either follow our updates, avoid our updates or publish your prize structure”. 


Let the 4D prize structure more transparent will not hurt everyone, including the 4D bankers themselves.  See the example of Lotto 6/49.