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This is the link to 61 random numbers we prepared for you :


You use the "save as ..." function to save the webpage onto your desktop, then right-click your mouse button and open it using the function “Open With”.  Choose from the "Open With" function the Microsoft Excel to edit this webpage, re-size the column then you can see 61 random numbers we prepared for you.


Random Number has nothing to de with our updates and interference but we still like to emphasis on it simply because there are many misunderstandings with respect to the functions of random number.


Every 4D bankers claim that their drawing outcomes are random, so we prepare a link for you to show you that this is not the case.  We have to stress here one more time : All 4D drawing outcomes are NOT random.  We have shown you all that the FIRST Digit of First prize can be predicted; we also show you that the summation of the First prize can be predicted.  Furthermore, the most striking part is that we interfere the drawing outcomes through our updates, the 4D bankers simply avoid our updates !!  The 4D bankers thought that by showing everyone that our updates always miss their targets will dismay the credibility of our interference, but the 4D bankers didn’t realized that we have a second list !!


If our updates contain 0xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 6xxx, we leave space for the 4D bankers in 1xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx.  As 1xxx and 5xxx are places we deliberately left for the 4D bankers, we always fall into our trap !!  We have tried this many many times !!!  Apart from this, for example, if we have 5820, 5822 in our updates, you can find that the 4D bankers will always fill their outcomes with 4D-digit such as 5821 !!  This can also be seen through summation,  5820 has its summation as 18, 5822 has its summation as 20, so the 4D bankers fill the trap we laid with 5821 whose summation is 19 !!


Do you think that random numbers can fill the narrow gaps we prepared all the time ??  This topic doesn’t encourage you to buy any 4D bet through random numbers.  We have set up many traps within our updates for the 4D bankers.  If you read the topics “Manipulating Trend” and “Summation” thoroughly, you could make the most out of our updates.  If you finally make up your betting list, just a reminder, please keep the number of your bets small for the 3 grand prizes.