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This topic is meant only for TOTO 4D and Magnum 4D players in Malaysia.

To kill a 4D black market is very easy.  As all 4D outcomes are manipulated by 4D bankers upon their bet frequency list, 4D bankers can simply send their own people separately to buy huge number of designated 4D-digits from the black market, then the black market MUST shut down on the next draw.  But in Malaysia, the size of 4D black market is at least 5 times larger than either TOTO 4D or Magnum.  Well, the hidden agenda of black market are too complicated for us to elaborate here; therefore we change our focus from the existence of black market to the usage of black market.


As we have expressed ourselves here quite many times that Bet Frequency is the most important list.  The primary pool is the core for 4D’s 3 grand prizes.  Therefore the Bet Frequency list from the black market becomes the hint the strike 4D more accurately.  


Black market cannot be control by regional 4D bankers such as 1+3D in West Malaysia, CASH in Sarawak, 88 and STC in Sabah.  This is because the sales of these regional 4D bankers are far too small compared with TOTO 4D or Magnum, while the size of black market is even larger than TOTO 4D or Magnum; about 65% of the bet frequencies within the Bet Frequency list of regional 4D bankers are empty, i.e. are not touched by any of the 4D players at all.  You can guest that one of the two nationwide 4D bankers is the real holder of the 4D black market in Malaysia.  Since the size of 4D black market is gigantic, you need manpower to do the bet counting.  So if you can have some lists of past 4D black market Bet Frequency list from various 4D black market dealer, you will have the idea of the bet frequency distribution situation in Malaysia.  If you only have partial of this list, and even though you information is still partial, you can see that those 4D-digits with huge bet frequencies definitely will not come out and you bets should not be any of them within the list.


We are not interesting in any political consideration for the existence of 4D black market in Malaysia.  For those of you who have close relationship with 4D black market dealers, you should ask them for their Bet Frequency list.  Even though the list is partial, but it can help you to eliminate a huge amount of 4D-digits as you bet.  Using the method of Manipulating Trend to fix the FIRST DIGIT, the Summation for the remaining three digits, check number facility for the outcome history, and the partial Bet Frequency list from the black market, you prediction should be more precise than us !!